A dream takes shape

Adam Thilander started playing hockey at the age of 5. Since then, the sport has taken him around the world, from hockey gymnasium in Skellefteå to junior leagues in Canada as well as playing in junior national teams and senior hockey in Sweden. An invitation to an NHL camp with the Carolina Hurricanes is the highlight. Below you see Adam in the picture on the far right during the camp with the NHL team. At the age of 16-17, Adam starts thinking about how all that time besides hockey can be used in the best way. Thoughts about running his own business grow and he soon realizes that hockey is what he wants to do in life. In December 2022, Adam took the plunge and chose to start his own company with the business idea of ​​designing and developing innovative hockey products.

The SMADA way

Every moment is crucial for us. From the first sketch to the finished product, we are extremely careful with all the choices we make. We want all products that SMADA sells to be top class. This applies to everything from the materials we choose to how the product is designed to sustainability work. All of this is taken into account when we develop new products. If we have to take a shortcut, we start over and think about how we can do it better. All so that SMADA will offer them the best products on the market.

What gets us out of bed in the morning

We at SMADA think that the hockey industry in general suffers from high prices combined with a lack of quality. SMADA takes a clear position on this and believes that quality does not need to cost more than necessary. All products that you see on our website have been designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden. Of course, this results in us not being able to offer products for as cheap as if they had been manufactured in Asia. But we can proudly offer a quality guarantee for all our products as we know that they have been manufactured correctly all the way from the first sketch to the finished product. It gives us a boost in confidence to offer the best products on the market.