What is ProKnob?

ProKnob is a revolutionary knob system developed to simplify and improve the everyday life of hockey players. ProKnob is designed to form the foundation of the knob and thereby deliver the same feeling and performance every time you step onto the ice.

Our founder and CEO Adam on how ProKnob came about: I noticed that no matter how much power, energy, and time I put into the knob, it rarely felt right. I knew I wanted 12 turns on the knob, yet one knob never felt as good as the other. Being an entrepreneur, I began to envision how nice it would be to be able to move the knob from one stick to another and how much power and energy it would save me as a hockey player. The idea for ProKnob is in motion.

The goal was clear: We wanted to build the world's smartest hockey knob. Without external aids and other complications. At first glance, it doesn't look like much to the world. But the truth is, it took us 2.5 years of development and rigorous testing to find the perfect materials, sizes, hardness, and edges to meet the demands of the world's best players. We knew that to make it the most user-friendly, we needed to develop the most complicated one.

Designed and manufactured locally in Sweden 🇸🇪